Architectural Division - Technical



Unless otherwise specified, our cast aluminium is LM6 alloy complying with BS 1706 EN AC-44100.

  1. Our extruded aluminium complying with BS 1474-6063 alloy;
  2. All fixing screws are stainless steel grade 304;
  3. Acrylic sheets are UV stabilised,SP.GR-1.19 with tensile strength of 600 Kg/m;
  4. Powder coating follow the BS 6496-1984 specifications with an average thickness of 100 microns;
  5. Gold anodisation follow the BS 1615-1972 specifications with an average thickness of 20 microns.


Aluminium is a commodity that is overlooked by some people whilst others have defined its potential in terms of its light weight, corrosion resistance and flexibility in shaping it to complex architectural designs. Based on this, Aluminium is leading other metals for architectural use. Artists and Engineers have excelled in shaping this metal by incorporating other precious metals in the design to give it an extra dimension of beauty. Alico Industries Co Ltd has hence developed and applied these concepts to numerous engineering and architectural designs in order to achieve the desired features.


Over the years, with advancements in technology, Alico Industries Co Ltd has developed a number of special finishes in addition to the regular powder coating.

Gold Anodisation -

Elements of a design can be anodised in Gold, resulting in elegant highlighting of key features.

Gold, Bronze and Brass Plating -

Applied to aluminium castings and sheets, this process creates a royal antique finish.